Mary Bashtarz

Mary has been working with unspecified lameness equine rehabilitation for over 20 years. She has been associated with BALANCE InternationalĀ  since 1999 and teaching a more bio-mechanically correct use of the body of both horse and rider. Mary has years of practical experience using the BALANCE Remedial Program and can help incorporate simple Feldenkrais-like horse movements for improving particular issues.

She also teaches Constructive Riding, private lessons only, either at her facility or at a client site. Day long Constructive Riding clinics are also run as part of a series.

Dismounted riding clinics as well as in-hand movement clinics are also available.

Mary promotes the use of saddlery with neutral, horse-friendly features, cranial-sacral sessions, equine podiatry and has completed the following courses:

Carol Brett, BALANCE International:

Professionals Seminar with Carol Brett and Gavin Scofield
Test Ride Facilitator Training
Several Straight Forward Riding Clinics

Gavin Scofield, Advanced Equine Biomechanics,/p>

Correct Equine Movement – The Scientific Definition

K.C. LaPierre, Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry

Several 5 day and 3 day courses for horse owners

Deedee Eisenberg, Groundwork Feldenkrais

Several classroom sessions for different body areas

Mary is a horse project leader of the 4H horse club, Pony Pals in the Felton, DE area. Local children age 9-19 are invited to join. Horse ownership is not necessary.

Two articles documenting Mary’s progress with the use of BALANCE saddles appear in the March and August 2000 newsletters for the Eastern States Dressage and Combined Training Association.

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