Am I too far away for a Test Ride?

Not if you are in DE, parts of NJ, eastern MD, eastern PA and parts of VA.
Available for more distant travel by arrangement.

What is a BALANCE Test Ride?

The BALANCE Test Ride is an opportunity for you and your horse to try out the BALANCE saddling system and several BALANCE saddles. It will allow you to compare the current movement of your horse in his existing saddle with those available in the BALANCE line. If your saddle is currently too wide for your horse or is a treeless saddle, it may be of interest to try it using a BALANCE pad system to see if there is an improvement in the movement and comfort of your horse.

What are some supportive environmental influences?

Body work:

Feldenkrais, Chiropractic, Cranial-sacral, Applied Equine Podiatry, Remedial programs, etc.


The principles of the BALANCE saddling system, blankets and sheets that don’t interfere with movement, halters wide enough around the jaw to allow a full yawn. Bits and bridles that are less constrictive. Softer girths.

Living Quarters:

Good air quality, Increased turnout (movement is key), protection from weather, bugs etc., good diet, nutritional supplements, increased forage, hoof conditioning footing throughout the day, clean water, friendly companion (herd issues).

Where can I find more information?

BALANCE Saddles BalanceInternational.com
Equine Cranial-Sacral EquiNaturally.com
Applied Equine Podiatry AppliedEquinePodiatry.org
Feldenkrais Feldenkrais.com