24″ Flexible Curve

Quality firm enough to transfer from horse’s back to large format paper (11×17) without deforming.
Flexible lead core, accurate inking edge, vinyl covered.

Useful for tracking progress of back development and early warning notice of potential back issues. Keep weekly or monthly records when horses are in work.

$22.00 plus ($6.00 shipping or free pickup).

Product Referrals
I have personally used the following Lampley products on my horses and found them truly remarkable. The receptionist is extremely knowledgeagle and will ask particular questions about the condition/issue and use of the product. She may be very specific regarding use and dosage. She may also recommend either a different product or additional supporting ones and will explain why. I have always found the recommendations to be on target. Please use my name as a referral. I have had to request they not send me solicitations in the mail as they tend to be overzelous with them! You may want to do that right at the start.

Vitamix – Incredible for sickness recovery. You have to keep giving it for 2 more days after symptoms stop. I have also used it as a preventitive if I suspect something is coming on.

Horse Sense – It takes about a month but, so well worth it. Its use can be decreased over time once the body is replenished.
Lovely shampoos for horses and dogs.
Human lifestyle food plan for health and longevity. Incredible amount of white papers and books with supporting research annotations on a huge number of food and health related issues.